how much does it cost to Sell a house in Spain?

Selling A Property In Spain ??, or maybe YOU are just thinking about it?
we all know at the end of the day it comes down to cost, hours of number crunching – ¨can we ? cant we?¨well I have made an expenses calculator you can find below
this will guide you in the right direction and a video to explain step by step, hope it helps !!

Our Expenses Calculator will provide an estimate of all costs involved in buying a house in Spain. Use these figures as a guideline only: the actual figures will vary according to the property’s location and the bank you choose, among other factors. To the total, you must add your mortgage payments, and comisión de apertura if your bank charges it

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We have been the real estate company of Playa Flamenca and the Orihuela costa since 1999. We base ourselves on being a family run company dealing with all aspect of property: Buying , Selling and Renting . We bring real estate in Spain to the 21st century

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